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Simpel Session kick-off

Posted in Tallinn with tags , , on February 2, 2011 by leysalk

Last nite our friends arrived from the UK 🙂 Ross, Johnny etc. the gang 🙂 Since the official parties start on thursday we decided to have our very own Simpel Session kick-off party 🙂  Needless to say that things didn’t go as planned.

The night started off at Shimo, a tiny lounge-bar in Tallinn Old Town. It’s an alright place with decent prices, the atmostphere is quite nice :

We got the boys there and eerybody opted to buy either beer or shots . Awesome way to start the party.

Some of the boys were worried that they wouldn’t be aable to get into Nimeta (The No Name Bar) as apparently the guys have to be over 21 to get in. This bar has the strangest policy about letting peple in. First of all, the bouncers are most of the time rude pricks. I think there’s only one guy who’s genuinely polite to the customers there. For instance, I mentioned to one of them last night that several people in the bar were underaged and all i got was a shit load of f***s and c***s and just nasty attitude. So, we decided to hang out at the Embassy Lounge which is one of my personal favorites 🙂

The night ended early for me as me an my…ummm….guy, had a bit of a fight and we’re talking things straight but according to my very reliable sources, everybody else had a blast at Levikas, which is more of an underground grunge place…awesome to hang out at when everything is closed…and at the hostel 🙂


Women in Tallinn 2007-2009 by Wim Lamboo

Posted in Tallinn on November 21, 2009 by leysalk

Around 2 years ago I was doing some grocery shopping in Kaubamaja when suddenly a man approached me, Wim, and said that I had amazing eyes (I kid u not 🙂 ).  He introduced himself as a documentary photographer and gave me his card, asking me to contact him regarding an exhibition he was organizing.  Obviously I was very skeptical. I wasn’t born yesterday, you have to be careful in this world, there are so many scammers out there.

That night I went home and I google him to make sure he was legit.  After browsing through pages after pages of his work I decided to call him and give it a shot.  We met the next week for a photo-shoot. I’m gonna say it right now, wow, long, difficult, and I’m no model…heheeeee. 5 hours of work and I was beat.

Wim is a great conversationalist even though it was hard as English is not his first language. We did however get along, he is funny with a great sense of humor, and an odd vision 🙂 regarding his photography.

About a year ago he called me up and said that he’s going to use a photo or maybe two in his book. He is currently composing a book called The Women of Tallinn :). Needless to say, I was excited, I’ve never been part of anything like this before.

And today I got an email from him asking me to write an entry for his book…how great is that :)!!!

I know quite a few girls who work as models and I’d just like to say RESPECT. It is a job that requires patience and a strong personality.  For you people who aren’t Estonian I’d like to introduce…heheeeee…you to a super model, who is well known in the world, and who just happens to be from my little home town, and who was also discovered in a shopping centre. CARMEN KASS

Have you ever had any experiences like that? Leave a comment or a question the comments and I look forward to reading what you guys think!

Walk around the Old Town

Posted in Tallinn on October 28, 2009 by leysalk

Today I was returning a soundtrack to my boss and while in the cinema waiting for my coffee I realised that I haven’t been on a proper walk in ages. Of course I’ve walked through Old Town on many occasions but never with a fresh eye.

It’s currently autumn in Estonia, the leaves have fallen from trees and you can smell that in the air. It smells like change. And one part of that change is the fact that it goes dark really quickly during the day. And darkness is one of the best times to explore the Old Town since it brings out the magic.

The architecture itself is amazing not to mention the faint smell of spicy almonds that they sell on the street corners. The medieval look adds to the magical feeling one gets from the Old Town.

The video I have added is basically bits and pieces of the Old Town. I tried adding music but obviously I failed. I’m not very good at editing videos 🙂 However, you’ll get the idea. At the very end of the video I’m actually at the top of the viewing platform where you can see pretty much the whole city and it is both beautiful during daylight as well as during night time.

While walking home I was listening to music and suddenly I felt this urge to cry. It’s hard to describe the exact emotion but I think that I was simply overwhelmed about the beauty of Tallinn and the fact that I’m so lucky to get to live here and enjoy it every day. Also, It was like a breath of fresh air, suddenly I realised that just as Tallinn never gets finished (there’s a folklore story behind that statement which I will share soon enough) I will never stop learning and experiencing and that it in itself is a magical thing 🙂