Women in Tallinn 2007-2009 by Wim Lamboo

Around 2 years ago I was doing some grocery shopping in Kaubamaja when suddenly a man approached me, Wim, and said that I had amazing eyes (I kid u not 🙂 ).  He introduced himself as a documentary photographer and gave me his card, asking me to contact him regarding an exhibition he was organizing.  Obviously I was very skeptical. I wasn’t born yesterday, you have to be careful in this world, there are so many scammers out there.



That night I went home and I google him to make sure he was legit.  After browsing through pages after pages of his work I decided to call him and give it a shot.  We met the next week for a photo-shoot. I’m gonna say it right now, wow, long, difficult, and I’m no model…heheeeee. 5 hours of work and I was beat.

Wim is a great conversationalist even though it was hard as English is not his first language. We did however get along, he is funny with a great sense of humor, and an odd vision 🙂 regarding his photography.

About a year ago he called me up and said that he’s going to use a photo or maybe two in his book. He is currently composing a book called The Women of Tallinn :). Needless to say, I was excited, I’ve never been part of anything like this before.

And today I got an email from him asking me to write an entry for his book…how great is that :)!!!

I know quite a few girls who work as models and I’d just like to say RESPECT. It is a job that requires patience and a strong personality.  For you people who aren’t Estonian I’d like to introduce…heheeeee…you to a super model, who is well known in the world, and who just happens to be from my little home town, and who was also discovered in a shopping centre. CARMEN KASS

Have you ever had any experiences like that? Leave a comment or a question the comments and I look forward to reading what you guys think!


3 Responses to “Women in Tallinn 2007-2009 by Wim Lamboo”

  1. I totally agree with everything you said. I was modeling to Wim this year, and I found it great too. He found me to in the supermark and I googled like you.


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